We believe that successful relationships are all based on mutual trust and respect and a view to the long-term.

We believe this is also true of successful search relationships. Which is why many of our clients have been with Talent since its inception in 2008. There are three key areas that guide our approach to search and building our relationships:

Industry Expertise & Local Knowledge:

We bring a wealth of knowledge gleaned from the International & Asian Corporate environment & all our consultants have this as their background before joining us. With more than 15 years in executive Search in Asia alone we have a deep understanding of the local culture and business environment. We also layer this with a unique global perspective to add relevant depth and context to our work.

"Pascale is a very experienced recruiter who will make sure to understand clearly the needs of her client while at the same time providing very useful suggestions based on her knowledge of the local market. Once the target is defined, she is relentless in combing the market for the right profiles."

Integrity & Commitment:

Important in any relationship; the tenets of Integrity, Commitment, Trust & Confidentialty guide us. What does this mean for you? We are committed to providing hands on and personal consultative service in the shortest possible time - frame.

"Pascale is a very energetic person with a solid common sense and a down-to-earth approach. Great to work with !"

We are not hampered by layer upon layer of consultants so we can move faster & more nimbly to find the optimal solutions. Our recommendations are based on a very intensive & thorough assessment of each candidate’s experience, skills & expectations filtered through the lens of the company’s culture, goals and needs.

Trust & Confidentiality:

The building blocks of all enduring and successful relationships. All searches undertaken by Talent are performed according to the highest and strictest codes of professionalism and confidentiality. You will only be dealing with our most senior consultants who bring an enormous amount of experience and professional integrity to each task. All candidates will be thoroughly vetted and all reference checks will be conducted by us personally. No third parties.